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Apple’s M7: Filling the Gaps for Indoor Location Estimation

I’ve seen and heard a lot of talk about Apple’s new M7 motion co-processor and iBeacon feature after the iPhone announcement earlier this week, most of it pointing out that these features lay some of the foundation for indoor mapping. But I haven’t seen anything explaining exactly why they have this significance. It has been […]

Faith in The Job Unknown

This morning Horace Dediu, writer at the excellent Asymco blog1, made the following statement: I recently tweeted that any discussion related to wearable technology needs to begin with a description of the job it would be hired to do. Without a reason for building a product, you are building it simply because you can. There is […]

iWatch is a Proxy for Wearable Computing

I don’t know anything about Apple’s plans regarding iWatch. From my perspective the interesting questions aren’t around what Apple will do, and when they will do it, but rather around the opportunity for products in a new computing modality that is more available and more personal than the phone. That there is an opportunity is […]