A Rogues Gallery of Ad Formats

Ever wondered what on earth people were thinking when they came up with invasive ad formats that completely undermine the user experience on your favorite websites? Well, here it is in their own words. These are videos by a company that positions itself as an ad network and “digital advertising solution for brands.”

The 970×260 Rising Star Billboard “commands the user’s attention.” It “has a love it or leave it value exchange, allowing the user to minimize it if desired.”

The Rising Star Pushdown goes from a 970×90 teazer image to 415 pixels high on mouseover. “The web content is pushed down to allow space for the expanded advertisement”. It is “often selected for its rich functionality and elegant layout.”

When the user interacts with the Rising Star Slider, “the site content slides to the left as the large expanded ad unit slides in, unveiling a fully branded experience.”

The Rising Star Sidekick starts as a 300×250 unit. On mouseover “the expanded unit pushes page content left to reveal a 850×700 pixel canvas that is perfect for delivering the brand message.”

The Custom Leave Behind is placed behind the browser. “Targeting users who are finished browsing allows complete engagement with the creative.”

The people coming up with this stuff are not on a mission to destroy the web. They are earnestly working to improve their product, the goal of which is to take your attention away from a website’s content and put it on an ad unit. I just wonder whether they have any cognitive dissonance when they go home after work and visit their favorite websites. As the expanded unit pushes the content away, do they feel a prick of regret, or do they smile appreciatively at the fully branded experience that’s unveiled?