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Groupon Revenue Growth Prospects

All the attention on Groupon’s new financing round got me interested in their growth potential. Now, I have no special insight into the Groupon model, but here are some back-of-the-envelope calculations. The value to an advertiser aside, the thing that strikes me about Groupon is how modest local deals can multiply into a giant business if […]

The Mobile OS Under the Streetlamp

The debate du jour in tech circles is Android versus iOS. It makes for a great narrative — two big players duking it out, each with their own strengths. The story to date is that iOS took the early lead, but that Android will be the winner in the long run. So goes the conventional wisdom. […]

The Only App Phone

What makes a phone an app phone is not the ability to run apps, or even that it’s a great app development platform. It is the fact that people are using apps in great and growing numbers on that phone, that there is a sense of gold rush among developers, that people are paying for […]