I’m Greg Cox. Welcome to my weblog, which represents a new start after a career spent in large companies.

In a nutshell…

  • I’m married to Angie
  • I’m South African — I grew up in Cape Town and studied at UCT
  • I’m an engineer and I hold a Ph.D in the field of pattern recognition and image processing
  • I spent a decade doing interesting R&D in signal processing, computer vision and high energy physics
  • I rounded things out a bit with an MBA from INSEAD
  • I spent 6+ years at Microsoft as a PM, business manager and product unit manager, mostly in mobile
  • I spent 4+ years failing fast at several startup ideas and building one profitable online business
  • I’m now Chief Product and Technology Officer at Experticity

You can reach me on Twitter (@gregorysean) or email (gregorysean@me.com).