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The Price of Personal Endorsement in Podcast Sponsor Reads

I love podcasts. I want podcasters to have a lucrative and sustainable business. I think sponsorship is a good business model. But I squirm in my seat a little when I hear sentences like the following during a podcast sponsor read: “Company X are great people.” “I used Product Y before they even sponsored us.” “Company […]

Feedly: Biting the Hand that Feeds

With the demise of Google Reader many publishers recommended to readers that they check out Feedly. Now they might be regretting that decision. Feedly seems to have taken a turn that is decidedly unfriendly to publishers. This started with them pointing URL shares to their own copy of the publisher’s content, instead of the publishers original […]

A Tale of Two Tiers: The End of Premium Display Advertising as We Know It

For a while now advertisers and publishers have thought of display ads in two main buckets: premium and remnant. Premium campaigns were sold to the advertiser, either directly or through a network, by a salesperson. The advertiser would be sold a specific number of impressions during a specific time period and they would theoretically have […]